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Exclusively at Clock Funeral Home

Affordable Options

We promise…to provide the most affordable options in the area.

Our total price will always be less than any other funeral home in the area. Plus, we are the only local funeral home to offer flexible payment plans.

We believe that your funeral does not need to be expensive to be good.

Casual or formal funeral service

We promise…your service can be as casual or formal as you like.

Funerals, like weddings, should be as casual or formal as you like. At Clock, we have had funerals that looked like football tailgates or beach parties, some that looked like a Sunday church service, and everything in between.

Casual or formal, the choice is always yours to make.

Looking their best

We promise…to have your loved one looking their best for the visitation or homegoing.

Thanks to the talents of our experienced embalming team, our professional lighting, and our attention to detail, we can make sure that your loved one looks their best.

Some people focus on first impressions. At Clock, we specialize in lasting impressions.

Your Culture and Traditions

We promise…to honor your culture and traditions.

Muskegon is a melting pot of people from different ethnic and cultural groups. Often each group will have their own traditions for caring for the deceased, mourning the loss, and celebrating the life.

At Clock, we do everything possible to honor your unique culture and traditions. We offer a place where you can have your funeral your way.

Your Schedule

We promise…to work with your schedule.

Scheduling a funeral can be a real challenge for families these days. That’s why we are very flexible with the timing of your event.

In addition, we never charge more just because you prefer an evening or weekend service

Private Goodbye

We promise…you will have the opportunity for a private goodbye.

Immediate family members often want to see the deceased one last time. At Clock, we always provide a time for goodbyes even if no public visitation is planned.

Family members often tell us how much better they feel once they’ve seen their loved one and have had the opportunity to say their goodbyes. We believe it’s an important part of the grieving process.

Dale & Jodi Clock

We promise…to make everything as simple as possible.

After losing a loved one making decisions can be hard for many people. That’s why we try to make everything as simple as possible for your family.

At Clock, you can choose from our simple funeral packages. Plus, we provide clear and concise handouts and paperwork. We believe that our job is to lessen your burden, not add to it.

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